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Alex Beitl


My name is Alex Beitl. I live in Mendig, Germany with my wife and our six dogs. There we run an agility arena. For a long time now agility is a huge and important part of my life. I started in 1994 and have participated in countless national and international tournaments since then - in Germany and all over the world. 2005 I became an agility judge and was accredited as FCI judge in 2010. In all this time I judged 520 tournaments in 30 countries.

As an active athlete I took part at the FCI world championship a few times and attended to the German National Team since 2011.

I like building courses which are smooth and fluid. In my courses handlers and dogs need to know some good handling skills. My courses are very selective for those who know how to handle the dogs line. In my opinion, the basic agility education for dogs is very important in order to have success at trials and of course in my courses.

It would be a great honor to have the opportunity to judge the Edelweiss Challenge 2024.


I am looking forward to see you in the Swiss Dog Arena.


See you soon

Tamás Tráj 

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